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When buying a new home, you want everything  to look nice. Not only is it a huge investment, but it is one that you will live with for a long time. You want everything to stay as nice looking for as long as possible. However, the one thing in your home that could put a damper on this is the carpet. Why? Because it sees the most ware and tear.

Many new homeowners will purposely change the carpet out first thing, because they want to start out fresh. It is much easier to install carpet in an empty home than a house filled with furniture. If you have opted to keep the carpet in the home, here are some tips that could help you keep it looking pristine.

Regular Vacuuming

The more dirt and debris that sits on your carpet, the bigger risk you take of

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Okotoks is full of wide-open areas and rolling hills. This makes it one of the best places to enjoy some very fun outdoor activities throughout the summer. Here are some of the best ways you can enjoy Okotoks throughout the summer season.

Berry Picking

Found just to the east of Okotoks is the Saskatoon Berry Farm. This farm provides a great place for u-pick fun with the entire family. You can enjoy picking your own berries, shopping in the general store, the cafe and even the garden centre. The scenery is amazing and the farm provides more than 50 acres of fresh berries and an orchard to enjoy. Late July is the best time to visit if you want the ripest berries.

A Round of Golf

With such amazing scenery, golf becomes a very popular activity in

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ChaCha John’s is a combination of classic Indian and modern day foods. With this combination, there are a variety of amazing dishes created. The restaurant’s ambiance makes it a perfect place to spend those special moments with the ones who mean the most to you. If you have a special occasion to celebrate, ChaCha John’s will ensure you have an experience that will make lasting memories.

The Menu

At ChaCha John’s you will find a number of great items on the menu including:

  • Cha-Cha’s Tandoori Split Wings or Sweet Chili Mango Split Wings – Wings with ranch and cucumbers.
  • Chicken Tikka – Chicken prepared in yogurt and tandoori spices, and cooked in a classic tandoori oven.
  • Herb & Spice Pakoras – Vegetable fritters soaked in spices, and
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Moving into a new home is an exciting time. Everything is fresh and clean, and you can decorate it the way you want. However, if you are a pet owner there are some things that you need to take into consideration. Here are some things you will need to do to make sure your home is pet friendly.


It's always a good idea to own a few nice rugs. Rugs will protect your flooring, and pets typically love to lay on a rug to rest. This will help collect a majority of the animals hair and dirt that they carry with them. You will want to own rugs that have small fibers, are dark colored, and contain somewhat of a pattern. This will help hide dirt and pet hair. Rugs are a great thing to own when you have pets, and will provide a great place for them to lay.

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The Heartland Café has been in business for over 23 years, and happily caters to patrons with their unique dishes that cannot be found anywhere else. They use fresh ingredients to craft their cuisines, and they offer classic and healthy options that are packed with flavor. Also, pair your meal with the perfect drink, as they have a large selection of wine, beer and other drinks. Dishes are based on the season, and the offerings that are available at the local market.

Heartland Café is a great place to host a special occasion or business meeting, as the setting is intimate and friendly. Servers are eager to make menu suggestions, and cater to all your dining needs. Reservations are available, and can be made online or by calling 403-995-4623.


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If you’re looking for a great dining experience in a place that offers great food, Almira’s Mediterranean Grill may be just what you need. The ingredients and meals served here are traditional and are made from the freshest ingredients. Some of the dishes offer a combination of fresh ingredients and have been passed down from one generation to the next.

The Menu

Enjoy great appetizers, salads, wraps and more as all food is homemade and uses authentic spices and fresh herbs that give the food a unique flavour you won’t find elsewhere. Located on the Mediterranean Sea has helped this restaurant shape its culture and cuisine served allowing guests to experience food they may have never thought of before. This restaurant has gained a well-known

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We all love how a deck can make the outer part of the home look and for some it’s crucial for their home to have a deck as they serve numerous purposes. From being great for entertaining and enjoying the great outdoors, for parents to find time to unwind and relax after the children are in the bed for the day, maintaining your deck is crucial to giving it a long life.

Decks are a great investment to any home and in fact return about 80% of their original cost when it comes time to sell your home. Establishing a routine to maintain it means less money over time and allows you to prevent future expenses that can be avoided. Here are a few pointers to help along the way.

Late Spring

In the late spring months, make sure you remove debris from between

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The upkeep of the exterior of your home is just as important as the upkeep inside. It keeps you safe from the outside elements. Therefore, the exterior needs to be maintained, or weather elements will make their way indoors. Here are some tips to keep the exterior of your home in pristine condition.


You want to keep your gutters free from all debris. Clean them out to help prevent clogging, and causing water to overflow. You will have to remove the debris by hand, and use a water hose to clean out anything that remains. This will help you see if all the water is now flowing correctly out of the drain pipes.

When you are cleaning out your gutter, pay close attention for any damage. Gutter damage can directly cause issues that could damage

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Everyone loves a little Mexican flavor from time to time and with little Mexican cafes and restaurants located everywhere it’s easy to choose one. With Taco Del Mar, you can have a little bit of Mexican in an atmosphere that is well loved by many. This place offers a delicious alternative to traditional Mexican food and with a large selection of burritos and tacos you can find just what you want and more.

The name of this place was founded based on the menu items that are served. Burritos and tacos are the specialty on the menu and this is a great way to fall in love with Mexican food once and for all. The Taco Del Mar made its debut its first restaurant on June of 2002. It was located in the waterfront district of Seattle.

The Food

With décor

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When it comes to painting the interior of your home, there are a number of things to do. The biggest battle is perhaps choosing the colour. With so many choices available it can be hard to pick just one and the good news is that you can paint each room a different colour while still continuing the flow in your home.

Start Small

If you’re not sure about a colour, consider painting a small area in the room to paint before you paint the entire room. Experiment in a small corner of the room so it’s out of sight while you’re trying to find the colour that fits you the best. Once you’re happy with a colour then paint the whole room.

Think About the Overall Mood

Take your mood into consideration. When it comes to choose paint for the home you want

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