February 2016

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Spring is on its way, but in here in Southern Alberta that frequently means it’s time for more snow. March is typically when we get the most snowfall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning outdoor projects.

Like the roof.  Now is the time to get estimates, line up your roofer and pick what sort of roof you’d like to have.  You don’t have to go with ordinary, run-of-the-mill asphalt shingles.  Have a look at what other roofing materials are on the market.  New materials that stand up to the worst of Alberta’s weather and that will add a bit of character and pizzazz to your home.

So what comes first, the roofer or the material?  You might have a reliable company in mind, perhaps the people that did your neighbour’s roof.  On time, on budget

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Okotoks residents aged 15 and older looking for work are always welcome to check out the Okotoks Career and Employment Centre at 87 Elizabeth Street.

It’s just one of the many employment centres located throughout the provinces, offering a variety of services to Albertans looking for a new career or embarking on a job hunt.

Whether you need to refresh your resume, write a compelling cover letter, learn how to fill out applications on-line, check out the library or use a computer or fax machine, the Okotoks Career and Employment Centre is there to help.  Individual counselling is available or you may want to consider joining the job club to network with other people who are also looking for employment in the Okotoks area.

Come in anytime

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Whether you’ve scrimped, sacrificed and saved or whether money fell from the sky – you’ve got your down payment. 

It was easy, and now you’re out house shopping.  It’s exciting, it’s daunting, it’s fun and stressful – all at the same time.  Here are a few pointers from those who have gone before you.

Don’t over-extend yourself

You’re so lucky.  Not often in the course of history have mortgage interest rates been this low.  This might widen the playing field when it comes to looking at your monthly payments.  It could mean the difference between a 900 square foot starter home and a home large enough to hold your family (if there’s one in your future).  You mortgage lender may tell you that on paper, you qualify for a certain level of debt.  But

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Chances are that heat is escaping from your home. Do you have any idea from where?

Log into the Town of Okotoks website and check out MyHEAT .  Find your home and see what parts of your home are leaking hot air.

Last fall, University of Calgary researchers flew over Okotoks with equipment that captures heat loss from buildings in town.  The results of are now posted and Okotoks biggest energy wasters have been revealed.

The thermal imaging software developed by researchers captured the bird’s eye images last October. The program assigns a Heat Score for each home with a rating between 0 and 100.  The score is reflective of home much heat loss is depicted in the images.

As homeowners will see, many of the structures in Okotoks with the lowest

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