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Okotoks has always been a progressive town, ready to embrace new technologies and green energy. Net-zero is now the new goal, where a home creates as much energy as it uses and it is indeed a lofty and noble goal.  It can also be pricey to retrofit your home with things like solar panels or geothermal technologies.  You will get your money back, at some point but not for a while.

However, there are a few energy-efficient hacks you can consider as you move towards a net-zero home that are more cost efficient as you work towards living a greener life.

Here are some expert-recommended ideas to help you get started on your path to energy efficiency:

Unplug your appliances

Tie a string around your finger, set an alert on your phone, put post-it

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This Monday it will become pretty quiet at the Okotoks Air Ranch.  At least until October. Hopefully.

Residents of the neighbourhood outside of the town and community stakeholders were contacted earlier this month by Bryce Medd, manager of the Okotoks Air Ranch.  They were informed that the site would be closing on April 18 and by 6:00 pm that day, any remaining aircraft would have to be gone.

Some of the reasons for the closure include the inability to meet various Transport Canada regulations that apply to the tiny airport.  Things like wildlife around the airport and stricter requirements for registered airports that have been introduced since the Air Ranch was opened are some of the concerns that precipitated the closure.

Medd told Okotoks

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Lack of moisture over the winter and little rain this spring has caused desert-like conditions here in Southern Alberta.

Landscape companies are getting a jump on spring clean-ups, with the sound of lawn mowers and power rakes humming in every neighbourhood.  Even the old-timers are watching the budding leaves on cotoneaster hedges and lilac trees throughout Okotoks and wondering when the last time was they saw such an early spring.

Plants are about a month ahead of schedule and many are stressed because of the lack of moisture.  Soil isn’t as spongy as it usually is when the garden is waking up. Bulbs are popping up, crocuses blooming and even peonies and rhubarb are waking up after a long winter’s nap.

But is it too early to water?

This is

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