January 2017

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The outlook for 2017 according to the Calgary Real Estate Board, which also oversees and tracks activity in Okotoks, is for more sales and more stable inventory.  In CREB’s annual market outlook for the Okotoks and Foothills Region, the uptick in residential sales will occur over time as the economic recovery in Alberta and employment statistics start a gradual ascent.

CREB statistics for Okotoks show that the real estate market in 2016 fell by 5% over 2015 and the number of new residential listings hitting the marketplace also fell.  From that account the market was able to stay somewhat stable over all, keeping home prices on the level throughout 2016.  In fact, the monthly variance between the median asking price and median selling price last year

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We have many more weeks of winter left in Okotoks and certainly, more snow.  Few people actually enjoy shoveling snow.  Many hope that a Chinook will arrive and melt it all away.  But alas, big dumps of snow call for shovelling and that’s often when Okotoks residents start their grumbling about neighbourhoods who don’t do their part in clearing sidewalks.

If you are a renter, you might believe that your landlord is responsible for keeping walks and emergency exists safe and snow-free, and in most cases, you are probably correct.  If you are a landlord, you might have passed this chore onto your tenant.  If you are a home owner, you need to look at yourself in the mirror!

Snow removal is quite often the responsibility of the landlord, via a property

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Everyone who moves to the Town of Okotoks loves the place.  It’s a short drive south of Calgary or north from High River and is a vibrant community where people look out for each other and are eager to make it safe and welcoming for all.

About Okotoks

Okotoks is a wonderful town for families and there are lots of them.  The average age of residents in Okotoks is 34.  Community celebrations and activities are geared to bring families together to have fun, enjoy recreation and participate in events that instill pride of place and community spirit.

Two years ago, in 2015, the Town of Okotoks made the Top 10 list of the most Entrepreneurial places in Canada.  At # 6 on this list, awards such as this attracts people to Okotoks.  The town has an active

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