September 2017

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What to Know About Paint Types When Repainting Your HomeWhen it comes to paint, there’s a lot of different choices. For someone painting for the first time, it can be overwhelming to walk into a hardware store and find dozens of different types of paints. To make painting easy, here are all the different types of paint and how to best use them. It's a fun way to refresh your home's look, and it has a great ROI for home sellers looking to spruce up their place.


Many painting guides will say a wall should be painted with a primer before putting colored paint on a wall. This is because the primer will help cover old paint and create a blank surface for the new paint so the old color doesn’t come through it. Recently, it’s become common to find paints with the primer already mixed in to help cut

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Lead based paints are a health hazard. For industrial or residential structures built between 1950 and early 1970s, chances are the paint on the structure is lead based. Health and environmental experts have in the past pinpointed the health effects of exposure to lead which can range from minor annoyances to potentially being deadly. The EPA has great resources for more detailed study at

In a bid to adhere to the regulations and protect their employees, industries have embarked on a mission to remove the lead-based paints from their structure. It’s however important to realize that lead paint is not like your ordinary everyday paint; this one is a dangerous paint which requires special care in dealing with the removal as well

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