April 2018

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Outdoor Living Space IdeasOutdoor living spaces are one of the many hot new trends in home construction. These unique, fun outdoor structures add value to the home and improve quality of life for members of the household. Homeowners who would like to install an outdoor living space in their backyard must decide which features will make their space most functional and enjoyable.


Every outdoor living space needs overhead shelter of some kind. A good shelter will provide shade on hot afternoons, so members of the household can sit outside even when it's very warm. Some homeowners want to spend time outside even when it rains. For these homeowners, the shelter must also provide water protection. Shelter can take many forms. A pergola with a vine growing on it will

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How Can Homeowners Spot FoundationFoundation damage can be a serious problem. Homeowners who recognize the signs of foundation damage and who know what to do about it can help protect their home's value. These FAQs can answer many homeowner questions about foundation damage, the warning signs and what to do if the home has damage to its foundation.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

There are many things that can cause foundation damage. Soil settlement, presence of moisture and lack of moisture can all force foundations to shift, crack and become unstable. In addition, some new homes will experience foundation trouble as a result of freeze/thaw cycles that cause the ground to expand as it freezes. Noticing these conditions is one way Crystal Shores homeowners can quickly

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