5 Great Ways to Get Buyers in the Door

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, August 4th, 2017 at 9:28am.

How to Improve Home Curb AppealWhile the vast majority of prospective home buyers today first go looking online, it's still the personal visit that seals the deal. Unless a house is appealing on that first "drive-by," a buyer is apt to just drive on by.

Here are 5 simple ways to boost your home's curb appeal:

Paint the Front Door

It's not only the colour that will beckon visitors, but the style, the hardware and the feeling created by your front entry. Redoing the front door can improve the curb appeal of the home with just a few small updates. You want it to feel bright and fresh, as if pleasant times await within. Look at the total picture, including trim, shutters and fascia. Pick colours that complement your home's architecture but draw attention to the entry. Contrasting tones are best. Dark forest green, burgundy or black are impressively traditional with brass hardware; but cherry red, turquoise or a calming yellow are equally welcoming, perhaps with a black or oil-rubbed bronze entry set. A single gallon of paint will cost only about $30, but is worth much more in terms of a favourable first impression.

Give the World Your Number

Install large house numbers that are visible from the street. Gleaming metallic numbers in either traditional or contemporary style are best, but a painted wood or ceramic plaque might also be charming. Whether the address plaque is by your entry, on the garage, or on a streetside mailbox, the numbers must be easily visible night and day! Don't skimp on lighting or size, if you want buyers to find you. Also, take a look at that mailbox: Why not replace an aging model with a distinctive new version, set on a brightly-painted post?

Light your Walkway

Inexpensive solar lights can immediately change the character of the approach to your home. Moveable stakes positioned along a walkway from the street, or leading from the driveway to the entry add character, provide safe passage, and are a thoughtful way to express a welcome. Pick up a box if attractive lights at a home improvement store and see how easy it is to light up your life and lift your spirits. At the same time, take a look at your home's exterior lighting fixtures. If they're more functional than stylish, consider replacements that add fresh shine and appeal.

Add Some Landscaping

No matter what the season, a bit of life and color adjacent to the entry speaks volumes about pride of place. Plant a tree in the spring or install a planter box under a front window. Place a single pot—or a pair of containers—of blooming flowers, glossy-leafed holly or beautifully manicured topiaries adjacent to the front door, or plant seasonal flowers along the pathway. Keep your landscaping fresh, appealing and well-groomed. When temperatures drop and the skies are grey, spend a little extra time and effort to brighten up your home.

Invite Folks to Sit

There's something homey about a small metal table and chairs at the entry, a porch swing, or a comfortable glider that allows you to sit and watch the world. It's a reminder of simpler times. Even if you only use the surfaces to hold packages as you unload your vehicle, the invitation to "sit a spell" is clear. So much the better if you have extra seating for friends and neighbors.

All easy to accomplish, these simple tricks require little other than imagination and a bit of effort, but they will signal to the world that your Crystal Shores home is ready to welcome new owners home!

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