Are Drones the Answer to Selling Your Home?

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 9:40am.

Drones Sell Homes in CanadaIn a competitive housing market, drone technology may be just the touch that draws the right buyer. When everyone knows what to expect from professional photography, drones can be used to set a listing apart. Drone technology, while still relatively new, has helped luxury homeowners and others sell their properties.

Drone technology may not be for everyone and some may not be able to make the initial investment that can pay back dividends. Explore what a Canadian homeowner may expect from using drones to market their home.

Offer Images Like No Other Marketing Tool

Buyers expect professional photography of a home taken by the photographer positioned at the ground level of a property. Bring the unexpected. Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are being used by agents to take a listing to new heights.

An owner of a traditional ranch may not see much of a need for drone imagery. Drones are best for properties that have unique features, have a significant acreage or particular features that cannot be easily captured on the ground. Owners of high-end properties can use drones operated while high above the property to get multiple images. Such images are useful for waterfront properties, those near skiing areas, or with sizable architectural features. Working with an experienced agent can help as they should be knowledgeable about ordinances or rules that may impact drone usage.

A Unique Addition to Your Marketing Mix

Drone photography is used on multi-million dollar homes. Their high-quality aerial images can provide captivating viewpoints and be a striking part of the marketing mix. Used with virtual videos and high-resolution photography, drone imagery can attract the attention of international home buyers who may feel confident making an offer without having stepped foot on the property.

Use of Drone Technology in Canada

Ontario agents have tapped into drone technology for video tours and more. Drones have become more affordable and are easy to set up for an eager agent. Drone technology has been helpful selling residential real estate, commercial real estate, and vacant land, with more agents using drone images to sell agricultural and rural land in Canada. There is little to lose when creating a listing and marketing plan utilizing drone images and video.

Agents and Sellers Benefit from Drone Imagery

Want to sell an Air Ranch home faster or attract a higher offer? Drone technology is fast becoming a proven marketing technique for different types of real estate, including luxury and commercial properties in Canada. Contact a reputable agent to explore how drones can help sell a unique property today.

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