5 Basic Home Maintenance Tools

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, February 1st, 2019 at 10:13am.

Basic Home Maintenance Tools for New HomeownersThere is a need to take on additional responsibilities when one goes from renting to owning a home, such as performing routine maintenance or making repairs on a home. Individuals who are handy often save money on labor costs when choosing to go the DIY route.

First time homeowners may want to pick up these tools to help them perform basic tasks in and around the home.

A Light-duty Wheelbarrow

For outdoor jobs and gardening around the home, purchasing a wheelbarrow can help prevent back strain and make the hauling process more efficient. Use a wheelbarrow to carry mulch, crushed stone or heavy tools to a desired location with minimal fuss. Look for a wheelbarrow with a raised lip for added security.

A Pair of Safety Glasses

When it comes to any DIY project, safety glasses are an excellent investment. Go for high-impact glasses as they will protect more of the area around the eyes. No one needs to impair their vision when doing a simple repair.

A Tape Measure

Need to buy furniture or get exact measurements for a project? Canadian homeowners will find it useful to get a 25-foot tape measure. Long enough for most jobs, the one inch blade on this tool ensures that the tape measure will not buckle while in use.

A Flashlight

A portable flashlight can be used just about anywhere. Keep it inside or in the car but know where it is in case of an outage or to check out issues in an area without bright lighting. Some may want to purchase an LED flashlight instead. It is not only useful for in and around the house—take it along on camping trips and more!

An Adjustable Crescent Wrench

Rather than stocking an entire set of wrenches, go for an adjustable wrench. These types of wrenches are made to offer a snug fit around a variety of nuts and bolts. New homeowners will appreciate the leverage of larger sizes 14-inch crescent wrenches but will find that 6 inch ones work better for tight spaces. Bolts in kitchens or bathrooms can easily become loose. An adjustable crescent wrench makes it easy to take care of the issue.

Invest in Your Home

A basic tool kit can help new Sunset AB homeowners maintain their home. Many common issues can be handled with a starter kit of small and affordable tools.

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