Best Features for Outdoor Living Areas

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, April 20th, 2018 at 10:46am.

Outdoor Living Space IdeasOutdoor living spaces are one of the many hot new trends in home construction. These unique, fun outdoor structures add value to the home and improve quality of life for members of the household. Homeowners who would like to install an outdoor living space in their backyard must decide which features will make their space most functional and enjoyable.


Every outdoor living space needs overhead shelter of some kind. A good shelter will provide shade on hot afternoons, so members of the household can sit outside even when it's very warm. Some homeowners want to spend time outside even when it rains. For these homeowners, the shelter must also provide water protection. Shelter can take many forms. A pergola with a vine growing on it will provide shade from the sun, but will not provide shelter from rain or wind. A canvas or wooden roof is more effective for homeowners who want an all-weather shelter to provide protection.

Cooking and Dining Area

Cooking and dining areas make it possible to entertain guests, hold parties and eat daily meals in the outdoor living area. For homeowners who want to cook a range of meals, a gas grill provides the most control over food temperature and cooking speed. Gas grills require a gas hookup, and thus should be installed by an experienced and qualified plumber. Dining areas are often sheltered areas, so people who wish to eat outside can do so in a range of different weather conditions.

Homeowners who want to have a designated dining area must decide for themselves whether they want their dining area to be built-in or simply made up of furniture installed after the fact. Working with an experienced contractor can help the homeowner make this decision for themselves.


Lighting is very important for ensuring safety and comfort in an outdoor living space. Many homeowners will install tiki torches, candles and even a fire pit to light their outdoor living space. Fire creates a warm glow that makes the outdoor space more comforting and comfortable. In addition, many people need brighter light for illuminating stairways for safe walking. This kind of lighting usually needs to be installed by a certified, licensed electrician. Homeowners should work with their contractor to ensure that their lighting is installed properly and according to local building codes.


In addition to the lighting, shelter, cooking space and seating, it's important for outdoor living areas to have good decorations. This is something that can be added either at the time of construction or after construction, once the living space has been finished. Some common decorations that Downey homeowners look for when trying to spruce up their outdoor areas include:

  • Planter boxes added to the railings of the deck or structure give homeowners a way to incorporate colorful flowers into their outdoor living area.
  • Colorful screens give homeowners privacy while also making the space more attractive.
  • Colorful pillows added to the seating area can make lounging more comfortable and more beautiful at the same time.

Following these tips can help a homeowner design an outdoor living space that will improve their home's value and quality of life. For more information about how you can design an outdoor living space, contact a reputable contractor in your area. Working with a contractor who has designed and constructed outdoor living spaces in the past can help you build an outdoor space you'll love.

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