First Steps to Selling Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, December 8th, 2017 at 8:55am.

First Steps to Selling Your HomeAre you thinking of selling your home? Start taking initial steps to get your home ready, including repairs, improvements and marketing of a home. Learn more about a few ways Canadian homeowners can get started on preparing their home to go to market today.

Make a List of Repairs

Sellers need to begin to note potential home repairs and maintenance tasks. Write down repairs and other projects to make management easier. Repairs may include items such as cracked windows, leaking pipes and flaking paint. A real estate agent can help prioritize repairs and upgrades. They may also be able to assist with which repairs would be able to completed by an estimated “launch” date.

Select Repairs Wisely

Sellers may not be able to make every repair or upgrade on their list before listing a home. Both time and budgets need to be factored in when selecting which repairs and upgrades are most important to complete. Remember that a buyer hopes to purchase a home that has been well-maintained. Any obvious indications of neglect should be addressed. Fix those broken tiles and leaky faucets. Make sure that all of the switches and major appliances work properly. Not every item needs to be replaced. Less expensive fixes such as repainting rather than replacing an old front door can help homeowners save money and stretch their budget.

Boost Curb Appeal

In order to make a good first impression, consider how to make the exterior of a home more inviting to those walking up to a home for the first time. Address issues such as a discolored lawn, cracked sidewalk and dirty windows. Power wash sidings and decks to remove grime and mold. Trim and keep landscaping features healthy. Regularly mow the lawn and maintain the garden.

Choose the Right Agent

Working with a good real estate agent that is knowledgeable about recent comps and what type of features are most attractive in a local market can help sellers price their homes right. They can also help prioritize repairs and upgrades likely to earn them significant ROI, and assist homeowner's in making their home stand out in competitive markets, such as Sheep River. The agent offers a realistic approach to home selling and has the objectivity to be able to lay out the drawbacks and selling points of a specific home.

Promote Your Home Wisely

Work with a real estate agent to market your home online. Professional photographs are a worthwhile investment as 92 per cent of buyers go online when searching for a home. Online video tours are becoming more popular online and help potential buyers get a better feel of a home prior to going to an open house. Sellers should list homes closer to the weekend to take advantage of buyers checking out homes new to the market during open houses on the weekend. A good realtor will reach out to buyer's agents and gather feedback to help sellers address any potential issues acting as a deterrent for potential buyers.

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