Get cash back for conserving water

Posted by on Monday, May 16th, 2016 at 10:01am.

This early dry spring – emphasis on dry – has certainly illustrated the need to be conscious of conserving water.  Every resident of Southern Alberta should be diligent and the Town of Okotoks is rewarding residents for being water wise.

The Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program is an annual program offered by the Town to put money back in the pocket of participating residents as they strive to keep water use down to a minimum.  It’s not just being mindful of the amount of water that comes out of the spout – it’s also about the appliances and other items used in the home that helps in the process.

There are certain items that the town promotes that are WaterSense certified.  That includes toilets that are low-flow and rain barrels that capture rain water.  Other lesser known products available include special sensors for underground sprinklers that detect moisture and operate accordingly.  Also, mulch for the garden qualifies for use under the program because it traps and holds in moisture making it a good product for xeriscaping or drought tolerant landscaping.

The Town of Okotoks has established a hierarchy of rebates to go with the 2016 Conservation Program corresponding to what you purchase.  Here is a list of eligible items:

  • Rain barrels receive a rebate of 50% per barrel with a maximum rebate of $50 per barrel or a maximum of $100 for every household.
  • Water harvesting systems for residential use are also eligible for a 50% rebate with a maximum household cash rebate of $500.
  • Toilets qualify for the 50% rebate up to $100 a toilet with an upper limit of $200 per single-family home.
  • Moisture sensors for underground sprinklers and other garden items such as mulch, whether it’s organize or not, plus ground covers or exterior turf also qualify for the 50% back with a household maximum of $200 per single family home.

Who qualifies for rebates under the water conservation program?

  • The rebate applies to purchases that have been made in 2016 regardless of the month.
  • Residents must present the receipts for their purchases.
  • The program is open to owners of residential properties and those who are renting property within the Town of Okotoks.
  • The rebates for residents are first-come, first served as per the date of your application. Each application will be date stamped by Town administration.
  • Rebates will be offered in the form of a credit on the utility bill issued by the Town of Okotoks.  Renters who do not pay utilities directly to the Town will receive cheques.
  • The rebate for each item is just for the item.  Any shipping costs, installation charges or GST paid out aren’t included in this program.
  • Receipts are required, with the sales date range of January 1 to December 31, 2016.
  • Your application must be 100% complete with required information or additional documentation as per the application form.
This program is not for brand new homes.  New construction is ineligible at this time. It is strictly intended for residents who are replacing or upgrading current water conservation infrastructure in the home.

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