How to Upgrade Your Home Flooring

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, September 7th, 2018 at 11:00am.

Increase Comfort and Beauty with Modern Home Flooring OptionsThere's no need for homeowners to choose been functionality, form and comfort concerning today's home flooring options. Not only are modern flooring trends leaning towards innovation, but they are more functional and easy to maintain than in previous years. Popular home floors often have the look of materials that they truly aren't, such as wood, stone and ceramics, which has expanded the options tremendously regardless of one's lifestyle. Here are some trending flooring options.

Liven Up Rooms with Laminate Flooring

Low-maintenance laminate flooring is one of the hottest and most affordable home improvement options amid homes today. It's available in countless colours, patterns, and can closely resemble materials such as natural wood and stones. Laminate flooring typically ‘locks' into place in sections or planks depending on the style chosen. Versatile, stable and water-resistant laminate is excellent for many rooms within the home.

Hardwood Flooring: A Classic Resurgence

Hardwoods have maintained a stronghold among many homeowners who appreciate their versatility, natural appearance and longevity. However, when it comes to new installations or replacements quite a few homeowners are leaning towards Eco-friendly hardwoods from sustainable sources. Some of the most durable floors are crafted from exotic species, but these tend to rather costly compared to regional species.

Stone Tiles and Ceramic Flooring

Two of the most appealing flooring types for creative homeowners who desire one of a kind patterns underfoot are ceramic and stone tiles. Sure, they can be uniform in look to create a basic, clean appeal. However, trends right now lie amid alternating natural stones like slate or limestone and traditional ceramic tiles of varying shapes and sizes to create mosaics. When the tiles or stones are cleaned regularly and sealed properly annually, they can last for decades.

Bamboo Flooring Installations

Sustainable, fast growing, water and stain-resistant, resilient and attractive bamboo flooring is by far one of the fastest growing flooring trends. While it's naturally beautiful, bamboo can be dyed or stained to help homeowners achieve just about any look they desire. This green friendly material feels soft under the feet, is slip-resistant and adds coziness to even the most sterile environments like the bathroom or kitchen. It will require periodic sealing to maintain stain and water-resistance in moist areas.

Carpeting is Still Amid the Competition

While carpeting has fallen a bit to the wayside in popularity somewhat, it's still a top choice for many homeowners, especially in bedrooms where softness and warmth underfoot is especially desirable. Owners love the versatility carpet offers concerning texture, tuft, colours and materials that permit the ultimate option in decorative freedom without having to refurnish an entire room. One downside is that carpet can harbour allergens that cause discomfort with those suffering from sinus or respiratory conditions.

Enjoy the Look of Nature with Engineered Wood Flooring

While hardwood is the preference of choice, it sure can cost a pretty penny. As an alternative to natural hardwood, engineered flooring is becoming rather popular. Engineered wood flooring boasts an authentic wood top surface that is backed by plywood or other materials—some of which are Eco-friendly. Those living amid highly fluctuating temperatures and humidity-prone environments will appreciate the fluctuation abilities of this popular flooring option. Even owners with hardwoods throughout opt to substitute engineered options in moisture prone rooms like basements, baths and kitchens to create continuity in design.

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