5 Common Home Safety Hazards

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, October 31st, 2019 at 6:56am.

Dangerous Places in the Home and How to Fix ThemBecause people spend a lot of time in their Cimarron homes, it's easy to assume that it's one of the safest places to be. However, any home can also be filled with any number of potential hazards, especially if residents are only so proactive when it comes to maintenance. Before an injury or accident occurs, here are a few common trouble areas to address sooner rather than later.


The floors of the homes are one of the biggest safety hazards for its residents, especially because few people consider washing the dishes or taking a shower a dangerous activity. But a slip can be more than just an inconvenience—it can end in serious injury. Putting more mats down in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallways can provide the traction people need to stay on their feet.


Heat doesn't just have to be the stereotypical unattended candle. Residents have to be careful of space heaters, cigarettes, curling irons, etc. In addition to handling heat with care, homeowners need to be diligent about testing their smoke alarms. Consider buying a smart smoke alarm to receive updates when the battery is low.


There are a few important facts to note about the railings in the home:

  • Glue typically holds the balusters and newel posts together in a railing.
  • This glue may become loose over time, compromising the stability of the structure.
  • Homeowners may need to call a professional to see if it's the screws that are loose or the glue has come undone.


Wiring isn't actually visible, making it difficult to stop electrical fires before they start. Frayed wiring can be caused by everything from the passage of time to a rodent infestation. Experts recommend having the wiring checked once every five years and the outlets twice a year.


From prescriptions to cleaners, homeowners need to be careful about where they store certain materials and how they label them. Safety-proofing a home will be different for each owner. For some, owners may just need to place items in a locked cabinet. Others may want to invest in a label maker to ensure that the words and dates are clearly visible months later.

A home's safety hazards aren't always obvious to the residents until it's too late. It's why it helps to have an idea of the most common ways people may be injured in their own home. Maintenance starts with being observant, so the more walkthroughs the residents do, the less likely there will be accidents in the home.

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