How Real Estate Agents Market Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, December 12th, 2019 at 9:42am.

How to Market a Home to Sell for the Best PriceNo matter what market a Downey home seller is facing, there's a reasonable price range for all properties. This can lead to people thinking it's the market that matters as opposed to the marketing. But the truth is it takes a savvy real estate agent to get the price at the top of the range rather than the bottom. To squeeze every last dime from a house, a good real estate agent will take advantage of the following tricks.

Debuting the Home

There are two main strategies when it comes to the first appearance of the home:

  • Discount gem: The point of a discounted home is to get two major bidders interested. Bidders could be anyone from home flippers to young families looking for their starter home. Sellers might be surprised at just how high people are willing to go if they think the home is a serious bargain.
  • Lap of luxury: Marketing can also portray the home as a high-end dream. From granite countertops to a sunken jacuzzi tub, now is a good time to consider how a few upgrades will affect the sale price of the home. Those in steadily rising markets may want to splash out if they're likely to get higher returns.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has a way of drawing people in like the MLS can't. The photos and videos posted there can be whimsical, nostalgic, or elegant. Plus, there are people on social media sites and apps that can help even if they're not looking for a home. For example, people living in the neighborhood may be curious about how much homes are going for and who's selling around their area.

While neighbors are on the sites, they may be inclined to share all the positives of the area. Followers may also know someone who's searching for a home in the area and want to alert them when a new property pops up.

In addition, real estate agents also know how to use social media groups to their advantage. They may invite all the buyers in one area to the same private group where they can all debate the same homes (increasing the odds of a bidding war).

Graphic Art

It may seem hyperbolic to label the videos and photos used to sell a home as 'art', but it takes a serious artist to convey the spirit of the home. Staging can be done to change the entire vibe of the home. Old-fashioned decor can be swapped out for sleek and modern styling. Rustic interiors can be replaced with French country furniture. A good real estate agent will know who to call, regardless of the marketing angle a seller is going for. For those who want their home to appear a little more modest, there are ways to give people the idea that it's a fixer-upper worth fighting for.

Some agents will even use virtual reality as a way to have their clients truly bond with the home. It's the emotional connections that inspire people to really desire the property, and VR gives them a chance to do this in a way that photos and even video can't. Potential buyers will practically experience living there before they even step foot inside. This tactic is generally recommended for luxury homes only, though the technology is becoming more accessible by the day.

Finding a Pro

When it comes to seeking out a real estate agent, it's important to consider their overall expertise. From social media pages to reviews, there are several ways to vet an agent before hiring. Real estate agents should have both experience and knowledge of the neighborhood of the seller. They should understand what it takes to sell similar properties in surrounding blocks. This is important for both practical and legal matters. For example, the real estate agent wants to market drone footage of the home, they'll need to know the laws of where and when they can film.

The right real estate agent doesn't necessarily need to have decades worth of experience to be a good marketer, but they should have a good idea of who's buying and what exactly they're looking for. As sellers understand more about the target demographic, they can also prepare their home for those most likely to show up for the Open House (or even a private showing).

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