Smart Technology: 4 Great Ways to Include It In Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, December 21st, 2017 at 9:21am.

Smart Technology: 4 Great Ways to Include It In Your HomeWhen it comes to smart technology, there are a lot of great ways to add it to a home. The more options a homeowner has to choose from, the more different selections they can consider. With that in mind, here are four of the greatest ways to build smart technology into a home. Using these, any homeowner can add value to their home whether they are preparing to sell or they plan to live there long-term. Just be sure to focus efforts on getting quality products and having them installed correctly, so any smart technology installed will work the way it is expected to for a long time to come.

1. Smart Thermostats Keep a House Comfortable

For anyone who is looking for both quality and comfort at an affordable price, there are smart thermostats that understand whether a person is home or away. They can change the temperature of the house based on whether someone is home or not. They can also be made to "learn" a person's routine, so they are more likely to follow proper patterns when it comes to being comfortable and keeping the house at the right temperature. Not only does that keep homeowners happy, it may add more to the value of their home, much like some other easy home improvements with a high ROI.

2. Choose the Right Light Bulbs

Light bulbs have come a very long way. With LEDs and CFLs, the older bulbs are being replaced by some that last a very long time and use far less energy than their predecessors. With that in mind, expect to pay a little more up front for these types of bulbs, although their prices have really started to come down in recent years. Adding them to a system that allows control of the lights from a smart phone, or that turns lights on and off at appointed times, can really make things work more conveniently for any homeowner looking to automate their home and life as much as possible.

3. Smart Speakers to Automate a Home

With smart speaker systems like Google Home and Amazon Echo, homeowners can order products, play music, ask questions, get information, turn lights on and off, change temperature settings, and much more. Depending on the particular device and what other smart home products it may be attached to, these types of speakers are becoming more common because they can do so much for busy homeowners who want to get things done faster and more efficiently. They can also be a lot of fun, since there are great ways to find information, play games and music, and enjoy learning new things without ever leaving the comfort of home.

4. Keep a House Clean With Automated Vacuums

Automated vacuuming systems like the Roomba allow hard floors and low-pile rugs to be kept very clean and neat, even when a Sunset homeowner is gone a lot of the time. After working all day a lot of people do not really want to come home and clean, but they also might not want to pay someone to handle that task for them. With that in mind, homeowners can choose products like the Roomba so they can keep their floors looking good and not have to do as much cleaning after work or on their days off. It makes a home not only smarter, but more enjoyable to live in, as well.

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