The 4 Most Common Home Security Systems

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, June 6th, 2019 at 7:56am.

What Types of Home Security Systems Are the Most Common?Home security is one of the more intimate subjects a person can think about when it comes to homeownership. These systems are designed not just to protect your belongings, but to protect loved ones and guests as well. Some people may think that home security begins and ends with a traditional wired system, but this isn't always the case. A homeowner's research should start with learning the types of systems available to them before they make up their mind.

Do-It-Yourself Home Security

There's no need to purchase expensive systems. Homeowners can often have DIY projects for home security. Here are a few precautions:

  • Using floodlights in dark areas of their lawn
  • Upgrading locks and doors to stronger materials
  • Putting interior lights on a timer to throw off the residents' standard routines
  • Frequently changing the garage passcode
  • Placing home security signs around the home (even if the home doesn't have an alarm system)

Local Security

Local alarms work by sounding if they're triggered. However, they only make noise to alert either the homeowner or the neighbors that there's trouble afoot as opposed to alerting the police. These alarms are excellent if homeowners know and trust their neighbors, and if those neighbors live in close enough range to hear the alarms. If the home is broken into during a time when many neighbors are out of town, such as the holidays, it will give criminals plenty of time to get in and out of the home without being caught.

Wired Security

A wired alarm system will connect directly to a police force or a security team. These systems require the whole home to be linked to a central hub, which will involve drilling into the home to connect the activity to professionals who can help. A wired security system is typically the highest form of security, especially if the homeowner chooses a private security team option.

When it comes to a wired security call, a local police force will prioritize their needs. If the home is broken when police are attending to more urgent matters, they may not be able to get to the home within the first hour of the break-in. This gives criminals more time to vandalize and burgle the home. If the homeowner lives in a town or province with higher crime rates, they may want to opt for a private security team if they want to protect their belongings.

Component Security

There are a variety of companies today that sell their security by pieces rather than a full system. So a homeowner could opt for only a smoke detector, a camera for their door, and an alarm for their back windows that connect to security team (typically a police squad). These modern solutions aim to provide all the security a homeowner needs without drilling into the home. Smart tech has made its way to security, and it's giving people more options than ever before. The major caveat to this option is that it requires more at-home installation for the homeowner, which can be a hassle depending on the layout of the home.

All Air Ranch homeowners should have some idea of what they want their security to be, both while they're in the home and when they're away. Understanding the types of solutions, and the levels of security they offer, can make it easier to pick one that will work for everyone in the home.

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