What type of Adventure does Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures Provide?

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, May 15th, 2015 at 10:38am.

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Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures is the company in Calgary that wants you to know the adventure awaits. From vistas to views of Calgary and the surrounding areas, you can take a ride on a sidecar adventure to experience the landscape of the Rocky’s and the foothills. You’ll love the smell of the tall pine forests and the mountain streams as you stop for a picnic at the headwaters of a glacial stream.

If you want to take an adventure with a reliably adventure company in Calgary, contact Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures to schedule your tour today. Here is a look at their adventure options.

About Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures

The company was founded in 2014 to offer a unique adventure touring opportunity for residents of Calgary. It’s a chance for folks to visit Calgary and the Foothills region of Alberta with a company that treats everyone like family. While other companies can offer similar excursions, none have the personal touch of this family-owned and operated option.

What to expect

You can make a reservation with a credit card for a deposit of half the cost. The balance is charged when you arrive at the tour and if inclement weather hits, then you won’t be charged. There is no minimum age for passengers in the sidecar, a motorcycle attachment used to transport passengers or cargo.

It’s completely safe and stable and all drivers are licensed and trained. You won’t have to drive but you’ll just ride along so be sure to wear long pants, sturdy shoes and a jacket. They will provide you with the helmet.


You can customize your own adventure from one hour to one weekend. This is perfect for weddings, birthdays, getaways and any other reason you may need to tailor you own adventure. Otherwise, enjoy one of their three standard adventures where you can tour the city or the foothills.

Choose from the city tour for 1-2 hours, the foothills gateway to the Rockies for 3 ½ hours or the high spirits adventure which lasts 5-6 hours.

Bring a little adventure into your life by trying a tour through the Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures of Calgary.

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