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While there are a lot of good Okotoks business services and stores in the town, there are some outstanding ones that deserve special recognition. If you've run across a special place where you've been treated exceptionally well, let us know about it and we will share it with others. This Okotoks business directory will help others know where to shop and look for the best services in town.

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Edison School


322155 15th St, Okotoks, AB, T1S 1A2

Edison School is located on the highway just north of Okotoks and has approximately 100 students in attendance.

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If you have had a good stay at a hotel let others know about it. Nobody deserves to sleep in a fleabag hotel when you may know of some hidden gems in the Okotoks area. Let us know when you have had a good experience in a hotel, a restaurant, in a coffee shop, at a retail store or anywhere!

We're only interested in taking a look at local Okotoks businesses, however, or businesses that operate just outside the town limits. We know that there are a lot of fantastic Calgary businesses that you may want to also want to rave about, but we'd like to stick to the local places on this site. After all, Okotoks does have a lot to offer and we have the feeling that this page may fill up pretty quickly just from local listings.

We're only looking for legitimate additions to this directory, however, and we will be moderating all of the submissions that we receive. If it doesn't appear that your listing will be useful to our local audience, we won't be able to approve it. You should also be aware as well that a "nofollow" attribute will be placed on all links to discourage submissions that are made solely for search engine benefits and backlinks.

Okotoks should be proud of its local businesses and this directory is our way of helping to promote them. Some of the businesses in the area deserve special recognition for their products or services they provide or for their commitment to excellent customer service. This is just one of the ways that we can help to give back to the community for the fantastic treatment we have received from many of them throughout the years.

Let us know what you think and we will be happy to add your business suggestions to this page. Word-of-mouth is always the best form of advertising and when it is done legitimately, it can help the deserving local businesses thrive. We are looking forward to your submissions to help spread the word to others.