Okotoks Catholic Schools

okotoks catholic schoolsThe Catholic schools in Okotoks are administered by the Christ the Redeemer Catholic School District and include 2 Catholic elementary schools, one junior high and one high school. St. Mary's Elementary School serves families living on the south side of Okotoks while children living on the north side of the town go to Good Shepherd Elementary School. The junior high school, St. John Paul II Collegiate, serves the children in all of Okotoks and is located on the south side. It is commonly referred to as JP2.

Holy Trinity Academy is the Catholic high school and also serves all of the Catholic teens in Okotoks. It is located on the northeast edge of town next to the St. James Church. This church has a big "sail" type of structure on it and you can see it from anywhere in town.

All Catholic Schools In Okotoks, AB

Both Good Shepherd and St. Mary's are kindergarten to grade 6 schools. Approximately 900 students attend Good Shepherd while more than 730 students go to St. Mary's. Good Shepherd has received the highest rating for any Okotoks school from the Fraser Institute with a mark of 8.4/10.

St. John Paul II Collegiate first opened its doors in 2005 as the first junior high Catholic school in Okotoks. It was previously called John Paul II Collegiate but changed its name to St. John Paul II Collegiate in April, 2014 when John Paul II was canonized as a saint. Grades 7 through 9 are offered at this school, which has approximately 800 students.

Holy Trinity Academy accommodates students that are attending high school from grade 10 to grade 12. There are approximately 800 students attending this school as well. The doors first opened back in 1995 and the first graduating class had only 28 students in it. In June 2015, it is expected that 253 graduates will be proudly picking up their diplomas on the stage.

Private Schools in Okotoks

There are also many private schools operating in the Okotoks area. Edison School is located on the highway just north of Okotoks with about 100 students attending classes there. Strathcona Tweedsmuir is a prestigious and very large private school and is just about 10 minutes away on 549. It has received the highest rating by the Fraser Institute when compared to all other Okotoks schools. It scored 9.7/10, which is an incredible rating.

There are other private schools in and around the Okotoks area but these are two of the largest. Of course, you'll have to pay for these schools yourself and many parents don't feel it's necessary with so many great Okotoks Catholic schools and public schools available in the area.