Okotoks Resources

If you're moving into town, here are some Okotoks resources that may come in handy. It's nice to know where to turn when you need some help getting settled into a new community and these resources can give you the guidance you need.

Shopping in Okotoks

One of the best places to get oriented with the shopping available in Okotoks is at www.okotoksshopping.com. You'll be able to search for stores and shops alphabetically, by category, by their position on a map or by name. Retail businesses don't have to pay to be listed on this website so you'll be able to see just about all of the shopping places available in town. At this site you'll also be able to pinpoint the eating establishments around Okotoks. You should also check out oldetowneokotoks.ca to learn more about the amazing boutique shops and services available in downtown Okotoks.

Okotoks School Resources

The Foothills School Division is in charge of the public schools in Okotoks. To find out more about your schooling options you can visit www.fsd38.ab.ca. The Catholic schools are administered by Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools and can be accessed at www.redeemer.ab.ca. At both of these sites you'll be able to get direct access to the different official school websites.

Moving to Okotoks Resources

If you’re just moving into town, go to the Okotoks Economic Development official website at okotoks.ca/ed/ to learn about garbage and recycling, the Wellness Centre, the public library, residential permits, Okotoks utilities and more. You can also access the telephone directory there, which will provide you with the emergency numbers you should have on hand as a new resident of the town.

Health and Wellness Resources

The Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre can direct you to all of the health services available in Okotoks. This facility offers urgent care and a number of other health services. To find out more please click here.

Pet Care Resources

If you have any questions about the pet care resources around town or are interested in adopting a new pet into your home you can visit the Foothills Humane Society website at www.foothillshumanesociety.com. There are several veterinarians in the area and they are listed at www.yellowpages.ca.

Getting Started in Okotoks

One of the best ways to really get a feel for a new town is to call up the Welcome Wagon and invite them over. This community service provides information about the community and also provides greetings and gifts from local participating businesses. You can request a visit by contacting the welcome wagon at 403-938-2532.

Volunteer Resources

If you're interested in volunteering any of your time, contact the Okotoks Volunteer Resource Centre at 403-938-8936 or send an email to volunteer@okotoks.ca.

Library Resources

One of the best resources to be found in Okotoks is the public library. You can find out how to get a library card and more about the services they offer at www.okotokslibrary.ca.

Church Resources

Find out where the local churches, places of worship, church youth groups and church adult groups are in your community at okotoks.ca.