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What To Do About Unpermitted Work In A HomeSometimes when a homeowner wants to make improvements to their property, they must first get a permit. Usually, permits are required for work that could put people at risk if it's done incorrectly. Frequently, a permit is required to make electrical, plumbing or structural changes to a home.

Work that is done without a permit can become a problem when the time comes to sell the house. Here's what homeowners need to know.

Why Are Permits Important?

Permits ensure that there is oversight on certain home upgrades. Permits typically require that an inspection must be performed before the job can be completed. The inspector checks to ensure that the job is performed properly and according to local codes. Without this inspection, upgrades and

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Buying In a Seller's MarketBuying a home in a seller's market can be hard for new home buyers. Fierce competition can make it harder to get a property, which can lead to wasted time and missed opportunities. Entering the market with finances in order and a good sense of focus can help. Home buyers who have little experience with buying a home can follow these tips to make the process easier and more productive.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Position Yourself Well

Before they can begin the process of buying a home, home buyers must get their finances in order. Buyers who have adequate resources and who appear financially stable on paper may stand out in the

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5 Ways To Identify Roof DamageWhen it comes to protecting a home from the elements, a roof needs to be able to stand up to anything weather can throw at it. However, sometimes that isn’t possible and the roof will be damaged while trying to do its job. All homeowners should be able to identify damage to their roofs, but it can be difficult to actually spot damage without knowing what to look for in advance. Here are some of the different types of damage all Westmount homeowners should be able to identify.

1. Shingles Are Missing

The most obvious type of damage when it comes to roofs is when shingles are missing. This can happen due to extreme winds, but if the roof is still new, it can also mean that the shingles weren’t properly installed by the roofer. If a homeowner

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Increase Comfort and Beauty with Modern Home Flooring OptionsThere's no need for homeowners to choose been functionality, form and comfort concerning today's home flooring options. Not only are modern flooring trends leaning towards innovation, but they are more functional and easy to maintain than in previous years. Popular home floors often have the look of materials that they truly aren't, such as wood, stone and ceramics, which has expanded the options tremendously regardless of one's lifestyle. Here are some trending flooring options.

Liven Up Rooms with Laminate Flooring

Low-maintenance laminate flooring is one of the hottest and most affordable home improvement options amid homes today. It's available in countless colours, patterns, and can closely resemble materials such as natural wood and

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5 Tips for the Vacation Home Selling ProcessOwners of secondary homes may enjoy many pleasant months vacationing in a home away from home, profiting from rental money in popular tourist locations, or otherwise enjoying the benefits of their investment property. But when the time comes to sell a home—whether it's for financial, personal, or time-related reasons—owners of secondary homes may realize that selling their vacation properties has a set of challenges not involved in the sale of a primary residence.

Selling a vacation home has a lot in common with regular home sales, but there are a few differences. This guide shows sellers what they should keep in mind during the selling process.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a financial advisor before proceeding with

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Mortgage Tips and Facts for a Second HomeA primary mortgage and a secondary mortgage in Canada have a number of distinct differences that home buyers need to understand before consulting with a lender. Because second homes are seen as luxury goods, lenders and government officials can make it more difficult for buyers to get the interest rates they want. To complicate matters further, mortgage options are determined by the type of home a buyer chooses to buy: Type A or Type B.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Understanding Type A and Type B Homes

Both Type A and Type B homes need to have running water and be occupied at some point out of the year by the buyer. However, Type A

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Selling a Home? Prepare These DocumentsHome sellers need to gather important documents before listing a home for sale. Doing so can make it easier to sell a home and reduce the possibility of unnecessary hassles when a buyer wants to go into contract on a home. There may be differences depending on the province or area in Canada in which one resides, however the following documents are some that every homeowner would need to sell their home.

Learn more about required documents for selling a home in Canada today.

Start Collecting Home Selling Paperwork Early

There may be some differences for those who are not selling a single-family residence or who are choosing to sell a home without an agent. Partnering with a reputable local agent often is of great benefit for those thinking

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The Standard Clauses of Real Estate and How They Affect YouBuyers may hear the terms 'subject to clauses' thrown around a lot when searching for a home, but they may not know exactly how to use these conditions to their advantage. While it's impossible to foresee every situation, these stipulations are available to home buyers so they can get out of a contract if an unanticipated fiasco arises at the last minute. Buyers should learn more about how the main ones work, so they have every opportunity to safeguard themselves.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Financial Clauses

This clause essentially states that the buyer will need to obtain a satisfactory loan to move forward with the purchase. The

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How to Downsize a Home Without the StressEfforts to live a more minimalist way of life have become popular amid a more consumer-conscious society. What better time to embrace personal decluttering efforts than when selling a home and downsizing for a move to a new home? Here are a few stress-busting downsizing tips to streamline the moving experience while making a commitment towards a simpler lifestyle.

Digitize Documents, Media and Photos

One typically does not realize just how many CDs, videos, pictures and documents are accumulated over the years until packing for an impending move. While keeping hard copies of vital records is necessary, many of these other space-takers can be digitized and preserved eternally. Digitizing personal documents and photographs and uploading them to

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What to Know About Buying a New Construction HomeAs housing demand rising in different areas of Canada, new construction homes continue to be of interest to potential homeowners. In fact, an estimated 25 per cent of Canadian homes bought every year are new construction. There are many benefits of new construction, including higher standards of construction and improved energy efficiency. What should homeowners who are interested in new construction know?

Know When You May Need to Pay More

Many people appreciate buying a move-in ready home customized to their needs. However, this may come at a higher price than buying an existing property. Those willing to lay out extra can get the custom molding, luxe finishes and extra touches they want before moving in. However a potential homeowner

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