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Looking for a place for all-day and all -night fun for all ages in Okotoks? Then, you will certainly find what you are looking for at Rylie’s Cattle Barn.

Rylie’s is more than a restaurant that serves traditional comfort food. It’s a place where guests can have a great time with their family and friends. Here’s what you can expect when dining at Rylie’s

The Menu

Rylie’s Cattle Barn has a huge menu. The following are the most highly recommended choices:

  • Rylie’s Signature Bull Bars – 100% Angus AAA Beef aged for 35 days
  • Smoked Bacon Beer Braised Sliders
  • Smoked Brisket Poutine
  • Smoked Texas BBQ  Meat Pizza
  • BBQ Salads and Soups
  • Rylie’s Famous Fajitas
  • Rylie’s Signature Aged Steaks
  • Legendary Burgers such as the Texas Dead Man,
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How do you keep clutter at bay in a home that has limited space? If your home has a garage then you could store things that you no longer need there. However, with all the clutter, how will you park your car and keep all your stuff at the same time? Here are some great garage organization tips to help you out.

Store Stuff on Shelves and Racks

You can build or purchase shelves or racks to store all your unwanted items in your garage. The ideal set up is to create shelving against all the walls of your garage to maximize space.

These shelves should be strong and should be easy to use. Since you would be storing items that you rarely need, these shelves should hold a lot of weight and adjustable, too.

Use Boxes and Bins

Aside from using

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Staging your home is an important part of selling your home. This is how the buyer is going to get a first impression of the home. They are going to glance around the home and instantly they will make an opinion. You want to make sure you stage the home in a way that the opinion they develop is a good one. Clean, organized, bright, and furniture placement are all important parts of staging your home the right way.

Furniture Placement

Furniture should always have a little space between the walls: ideally an inch or two. This shows the buyer you are not using the furniture to hide anything on the walls or floors. It also just makes the room look nicer.

Take Good Photos

Do not be shy about taking a lot of photos of the home as you stage it. You

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The George sits off the 2A Highway in Okotoks on Southridge Drive, hidden by the rest of the co-op in the plaza. This award-winning pub serves traditional grub such as wings, burgers, and tasty appetizers.

Founded in 2005, The George has become a local favourite, voted Best Bar to Watch Sports for two years in a row. Share the evening with your friends on their patio, or kick back inside the bar and enjoy some of their award-winning wings in more than ten varieties.

If you are in the mood for something a little more substantial, try their lamb curry or Shepard's pie. If you have a gluten allergy, do not worry. The George has you covered with 10-inch pizzas, all available with a gluten-free crust. Natasha's pizza is a delicious blend of grilled

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They say that real estate is all about location, as individuals typically have an idea of where they want to live. Rather that is a nice quiet community or a busy city, everyone has an ideal location. However, there is a load of benefits when it comes to living in a rural area. Here are some of the things you could benefit from living in a rural area.

Slower Pace

When our surroundings are calm, we tend to live life more peacefully. Taking the business of a city out of the picture will help us slow down and not feel like you're always running against time. You tend to focus more on what things need to be completed, rather than the tight schedules you have to keep to.

Fresh Air

Cities tend to have a lot of smog in the air, and this causes

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You have decided to purchase a home, but there are some things that will have to occur before the purchase of the home can be completed. A home inspection is one of the most important parts of buying a home. You want to make sure that you are investing in a home that is safe, and has no issues.

You will want to know of any issues as this will affect your offer price and any negotiations that you make. Many buyers will request repairs before the purchase is made, and having the proper documentation to back up your request will make a world of difference. Here are some of the issues that may be discovered during a home inspection.


You want the home to have proper drainage, as water can cause a lot of damage. You always want to ensure that

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As in the first part of this list, there are a number of subdivisions in the Okotoks area that offer subdivisions for budgets in all ranges. There are areas in high end areas and lower end areas that can allow you to expand if the need arises or to buy your first home. New home buyers may not have as high of a budget as those who have owned before, so keep that in mind as you begin your home search. Here are some subdivisions to consider helping you get the most out of the Okotoks area.


Offering parks and an abundance of trees allows this area to be great for the outdoor enthusiast. These homes may still feature cedar exterior as they were constructed between 1979 and the early 1990s. With earth tone accents you truly get a sense of the

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When it comes to buying your next home, there really is no right or wrong answer. In fact, it’s all a matter of what you want that makes a home your own. Okotoks offers a number of subdivisions that can give you attributes and more that your family needs. Here are some of the many communities you may want to consider calling home.


Homes in this area are old and new giving you a taste of old culture and new culture. You can find homes sizes of all shapes and sizes regardless of your budget. Homes range from $350,000-$650,000.


Homes in this subdivision range in size and price and some even have ¼ acre of land that comes with them. If you’re looking for neighborhoods that offer ideal places for biking, running and more check

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