December 2017

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Smart Technology: 4 Great Ways to Include It In Your HomeWhen it comes to smart technology, there are a lot of great ways to add it to a home. The more options a homeowner has to choose from, the more different selections they can consider. With that in mind, here are four of the greatest ways to build smart technology into a home. Using these, any homeowner can add value to their home whether they are preparing to sell or they plan to live there long-term. Just be sure to focus efforts on getting quality products and having them installed correctly, so any smart technology installed will work the way it is expected to for a long time to come.

1. Smart Thermostats Keep a House Comfortable

For anyone who is looking for both quality and comfort at an affordable price, there are smart thermostats that

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First Steps to Selling Your HomeAre you thinking of selling your home? Start taking initial steps to get your home ready, including repairs, improvements and marketing of a home. Learn more about a few ways Canadian homeowners can get started on preparing their home to go to market today.

Make a List of Repairs

Sellers need to begin to note potential home repairs and maintenance tasks. Write down repairs and other projects to make management easier. Repairs may include items such as cracked windows, leaking pipes and flaking paint. A real estate agent can help prioritize repairs and upgrades. They may also be able to assist with which repairs would be able to completed by an estimated “launch” date.

Select Repairs Wisely

Sellers may not be able to make every repair or

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