October 2017

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How Canadian Down Payment Rules Affect HomebuyersHow much home can you afford? First time homebuyers or those looking for a new home may be impacted by the changes to the down payment minimum and may need to save up a little longer for the Mountainview home of their dreams. What should buyers know about the Canadian down payment as it applies to different home prices?

Understand more about down payment minimums and changes to the Canadian housing market.

A New Minimum Down Payment

Homebuyers may have a difficult time coming up with money for a significant down payment on the purchase of a home. It appears lenders may get their way and the minimum down payment may soon rise. This may make it harder for first-time home buyers to get into a desired home and they may have to go for a more

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What to Know About Mortgaging a Home in CanadaNavigating the mortgage market successfully can be just as difficult as finding the perfect home to buy. With scores of available mortgage options available, prospective applicants can find the process confusing, to say the least. The following guide is designed to help clear away some of this confusion and offer sound basic information that buyers can use to select the best possible mortgage option for their specific situation.

The Conventional Mortgage

The conventional mortgage is the "plain vanilla" option for the Canadian home buyer, as it has been for decades. Borrowers who are considering this traditional mortgage option should understand that they will need at least twenty percent down, with even larger down payments considered optimal

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