May 2016

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They’re not just coloured with sidewalk chalk. The yellow fish that suddenly appeared on Okotoks streets at the end of May were painted on the road with environmentally safe paint to safeguard sensitive aquatic ecosystems in Southern Alberta.

The Yellow Fish Road project was launched in 1991 by Trout Unlimited Canada to create awareness of urban storm water drains. The fish were painted the last weekend of May by Okotoks Guide Guides and Pathfinders as part of this project to garner attention for the dangers of polluting our roadways.

The schools of small yellow painted fish are all painted close to Okotoks storm water drains and are there to remind residents that contaminates such as oil, antifreeze, detergent and fertilizer should be kept off

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They’re called Little Free Libraries and they have become a global phenomenon. In this digital age, book lovers are doing whatever they can to share the love of traditional books published in paper and ink. 

Okotoks will soon have seven Little Libraries scattered throughout the town, including in public parks, thanks to an initiative by the Okotoks Public Library.

The program will launch the first week of June when five Little Libraries will open in locations like the Okotoks Recreation Centre, the Okotoks Food Bank and three town parks.

While the town’s library is opening the Little Free Libraries, the program is being financed by Okotoks Family and Community Support Services (FCSS).  The organization came up with $5,000 for materials and labour

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This early dry spring – emphasis on dry – has certainly illustrated the need to be conscious of conserving water.  Every resident of Southern Alberta should be diligent and the Town of Okotoks is rewarding residents for being water wise.

The Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program is an annual program offered by the Town to put money back in the pocket of participating residents as they strive to keep water use down to a minimum.  It’s not just being mindful of the amount of water that comes out of the spout – it’s also about the appliances and other items used in the home that helps in the process.

There are certain items that the town promotes that are WaterSense certified.  That includes toilets that are low-flow and rain barrels that

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In the first three months of 2016, housing starts were slower than normal in the Town of Okotoks. The positive news is that homes are still continuing to sell in town, and the total value of new construction projects has actually gone up.

This past quarter, the Town of Okotoks handed out 30 permits to build new residential structures which is 17 fewer than the 47 permits issued in the first quarter of 2015.  When the Town of Okotoks was preparing its 2016 budget, the prediction was 200 permits for the entire year so projections are off by six or seven permits a month so far.

In looking at non-residential or commercial construction so far, the numbers far a bit better.  New buildings, improvements or renos in the first quarter total $28 million which

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