September 2019

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Know When to Say No to Home Improvement IdeasNot all home improvement ideas are good ones. In fact, there are some projects that not only won't add value, but might, instead, devalue a property. Knowing when to say no to an idea can mean the difference between financial gain and huge disappointment when it comes time to sell a home. Here are 3 renovations you might want to reconsider:

Obvious DIY Renovations

Unless you are a professional in the building trades, improvements that are designed to attract potential buyers and boost the value of the property are best left to professionals. By all means, use DIY skills to perform routine maintenance and easy repairs, but when the work requires precision, there is no substitute for experience and the right tools.

This includes anything that

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Modern Construction Technology and How It's Changing the IndustryThe way Canadian new construction homes are being built is changing rapidly. The materials contractors use, the way they interact with clients and even the speed at which they can build a house is changing for the better. Modern technology is helping contractors to build homes that are more efficient and better suited to the needs of the client.

If you're working with a contractor to build your home, it's important to be aware of these changes, and to hire a contractor who is comfortable with modern tools. Below is the kind of technology your contractor might use to build your future home.

Green Technologies

Green technologies make homes more efficient. These technologies are in demand by clients, and thus many of the best contractors have

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