Okotoks Careers

okotoks careersOkotoks careers are ripe in opportunity! With Okotoks being so close to Calgary, residents can commute easily into either centre. Many town residents have careers in Okotoks and there are many Calgary residents that make the commute into Okotoks every day for work. As well, approximately 50% of the Okotoks workforce commutes to Calgary each day to work.

The major employers in this town include the Foothill School Division, Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools, the Town of Okotoks and Wal-Mart. The Mullan Group, a logistics and transportation company, has set up its corporate headquarters in Okotoks and is also a major employer.

The commercial district in Okotoks is quite large featuring many big box stores including Canadian Tire, Staples and Wal-Mart, which are often searching for new employees. There are also construction, industrial and light manufacturing businesses that hire skilled workers.

There are also many health careers in Okotoks that can be explored with the opening of 2 senior facilities and the opening of the South Calgary Health Campus. Retail growth continues to boom in the area and there is always work available in the construction industry. A lot of Okotoks residents also work in the gas and oil sector.

Small Business Opportunities In Okotoks

The Town of Okotoks recognizes local businesses with a Small Business Week event that is held annually. The events are planned to promote and celebrate the smaller startups in the community. The Economic Development Office in the town provides confidential and free services to businesses that are interested in relocating or expanding. Whether they need help with municipal permits and licenses or are facing challenges with planning, assistance is provided at no charge. Marketing advice is also provided for free.

Many people are self-employed and own their own businesses in Okotoks. Since 2005 the home-based business presence has almost doubled with 350 home-based businesses being recorded in 2005 compared to the 650 that are currently operating. A lot of these businesses will expand eventually to the point where retail or office space will be required. During the Small Business Week, all small businesses are saluted since they are the backbone of Okotoks' local economy.

Approximately 1,500 people commute into town each day from Calgary to work in the 1,200 businesses in Okotoks. This small town is booming and there are plenty of careers in Okotoks to check out. In fact, the town is preparing for this boom with a 60-year growth plan since it's expected that the population will triple during these years. Currently there are more than 27,000 residents in the town and it’s predicted that this number will go up to 40,000 by 2024. It's guaranteed that along with this population growth will come business growth.

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