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How to Get the Best Returns from Your Home Energy ProjectsMost homeowners want their home to be as efficient as possible, but it's not always clear what the best path is to get to that destination. After all, even the most energy-conscious individual isn't likely to spend $15,000 for solar panels if they're planning to move out in six months. To really understand how to get the most out of the energy projects a homeowner takes on, they need to learn more about the actual state of their home as well as the average returns for each project.

Insulating the Home

Homeowners who want to make their home more efficient typically can't go wrong with upgrading the insulation. This step isn't as simple as it sounds, but the effort is minimal compared to the nearly guaranteed returns of over 100%. Most experts

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DIY or Hire A ContractorHomeowners seeking to save money often make home improvements themselves. However, not all home improvements make good DIY projects. Homeowners who are thinking about taking on a home improvement project as a DIY must consider a variety of factors including budget, ability and risk.

Consider Ability and Experience

Homeowners must consider the relative difficulty of each home improvement project, and must then choose the projects that match their abilities. For example, a homeowner who is new to DIY and home improvement may be able to handle small projects like house painting, hanging blinds or putting up a shelf. Homeowners who have a lot of DIY experience may be able to take on more challenging projects like fixture installation, duct

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Curb Appeal Tips for Home SellersWhile it may be an old adage that people "shouldn't judge a book by it's cover", curb appeal helps sell houses. Homeowners hoping to put their home up on the market soon, boosting curb appeal can help sell their house more quickly. There are many different ways that homeowners boost curb appeal in the days or weeks before putting their house on the market. Landscaping improvements, home upgrades and yard work can all help prepare any home to be seen by buyers.

Make An Upgrade

Some of the most popular home renovations are home improvements that boost curb appeal. These high-ROI home improvements make any home appeal to buyers from the outside and more functional as well. Below are some of today's most popular home improvements.

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