Curb Appeal for Home Sellers: Tips to Make A Fast Sale

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, March 9th, 2018 at 10:15am.

Curb Appeal Tips for Home SellersWhile it may be an old adage that people "shouldn't judge a book by it's cover", curb appeal helps sell houses. Homeowners hoping to put their home up on the market soon, boosting curb appeal can help sell their house more quickly. There are many different ways that homeowners boost curb appeal in the days or weeks before putting their house on the market. Landscaping improvements, home upgrades and yard work can all help prepare any home to be seen by buyers.

Make An Upgrade

Some of the most popular home renovations are home improvements that boost curb appeal. These high-ROI home improvements make any home appeal to buyers from the outside and more functional as well. Below are some of today's most popular home improvements.

  • Install a new garage door. A new garage door gives a home a freshly-built look that buyers respond to.
  • Replace the siding. New siding is vibrant and attractive, and makes any home look well-maintained.
  • Paint the house. Painting a house with wooden siding is another way to make a home look fresh and new to buyers.

Sellers who are thinking about making improvements to their home before putting it up for sale, should contact contractors in their area as soon as possible. Working with contractors can take time, and all home improvements need to be done before the home goes on the market.

Make Landscaping Improvements

Landscaping draws attention and help makes any home pop. To landscape for curb appeal, fill all empty garden beds with brightly coloured, easy to grow flowers like petunias or impatiens.

Homeowners should take care to match the type of flowers that they want to grow with the type of light available in their yard. Growing flowers in unsuitable conditions can make them look unhealthy, which can detract from the appearance of a home. After planting flowers in each bed, lay down mulch to fill the spaces in between the flowers. Mulch is attractive and shades the soil, which helps hold in moisture and promote healthy plant growth.

Do Yard Work

Remove all yard debris like random twigs and leaves. Keep the grass well-trimmed at all times. If there are any bare patches on a lawn, plant grass seed as soon as possible. If a seller's home is shaded by large trees, they should cut down any overhanging branches that might cast their home in shade. Cutting down overhanging branches helps make their property look more bright and cheerful, and also helps protect their roof.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

If you're a Westridge homeowner hoping to sell your home, contact a real estate professional in your area for tips and advice about boosting curb appeal. Working with a professional can help you dress up your home to be seen by home buyers.

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