5 Tips for Showing Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, February 9th, 2018 at 7:38am.

A Guide to Home ShowingFor all the schools of thought when it comes to selling a home, there are a few basic ground rules that sellers should follow if they want to make a good impression on homebuyers. This is especially true if sellers are showing their home to a demographic with disposable income. These buyers are far more likely to make their decision based on instincts rather than price. Unless the seller is planning to sell the home as a fixer-upper or to a flipper, they can use the following tips to lay the right foundation.

Work Outside In

Cleaning up the outside of the home is the best place to start because curb appeal will go a long way. At a minimum, the outside of the home (including the lawn and garden) should be as clean as possible. Recent trends show that Canadian buyers want beautiful views as well as a little more privacy. Water features, gardens, or fences can be either improved upon or added to the home to make it a little more tempting. Most buyers make a decision within the first few seconds of even seeing the home, so a beautiful outdoors is a must.

Stage with Neutral Colors

Staging isn't required for a home showing, but the right furniture and set-up can be just what the property needs to get better offers. If choosing to stage, stick with neutral wall colors, furniture, and artwork whenever possible. The home doesn't have to be completely void of personality, but it should jog the imaginations of homebuyers wondering how they can make their things work with the space.

Show for the Neighborhood

Consulting with a real estate agent will give a seller an idea of who's going to come through the home and what they're looking for. The purchase price of a Westridge home is often determined by subtle factors that only a trained expert can spot. So whether it's young families looking for upstairs laundry units and playroom space or retired couples looking for a garden they can cultivate and care for, home showing should be as specific as possible.

Play Up the Comfort

From soft fabrics draped over the chairs to plush patio furniture in the backyard, the idea is to make people feel as if they already live there. A freshly brewed cup of coffee on the breakfast bar or candles around the bathtub are just a few touches that let buyers know they'll be comfortable from the moment they move in. Most Canadians are less concerned about granite countertops than they are about roomy closets, but everyone can appreciate the feeling of home (even if they don't end up living there.)

Get Out of the House

Sticking around while buyers are going through the home is only likely to make them uncomfortable. They won't feel free to talk about what they don't like about the home, which can make them feel restricted or even resentful about the property even after they leave. Getting out of the home about 20 minutes before anyone arrives is usually a good rule of thumb. Any comments or feedback given about the home can be filtered through the real estate agent for potential changes.

It may not mean a huge financial investment to show a home properly, but it will probably take some time to do it correctly. There are no guarantees when it comes to home shows, but it's clear that there are a number of things a seller can do to take control of their destiny.

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