Restaurant Spotlight: Taco Del Mar

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, June 4th, 2015 at 11:01am.

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Everyone loves a little Mexican flavor from time to time and with little Mexican cafes and restaurants located everywhere it’s easy to choose one. With Taco Del Mar, you can have a little bit of Mexican in an atmosphere that is well loved by many. This place offers a delicious alternative to traditional Mexican food and with a large selection of burritos and tacos you can find just what you want and more.

The name of this place was founded based on the menu items that are served. Burritos and tacos are the specialty on the menu and this is a great way to fall in love with Mexican food once and for all. The Taco Del Mar made its debut its first restaurant on June of 2002. It was located in the waterfront district of Seattle.

The Food

With décor inspired by the beach lifestyle, you can eat a meal in style and in a fun and casual atmosphere. The plates are clean as opposed to being soggy and covered in sauces meaning you have fresh food you can enjoy. Taco Del Mar makes food that’s fun.

One of the many items you can take advantage of is the baja burritos. These burritos are inspired by coastal cuisine and are served authentically with or without fish. All food items are made with a personal touch that you can take part in and allowing your food to taste fresh every time.

Enjoy other great menu items including quesadillas, baja taco salad, loaded nachos, tacos and much more. You can enjoy combos meals as well as light appetizers which allows you to take advantage of light lunches with the gals or for a quick bite in the middle of the day after being out with family and friends.

Something many people like is the taco salad as you can add on to what’s inside. Choose from filling items such as Alaskan white fish, chicken, beef, steak and more. You can also add on enchilada sauce, sour cream and more allowing you to have the ideal baja taco salad.

Whether you want a dinner out with family or something to do with the kids while you’re out for the day with them, this is sure to be a great place as it offers something everyone will love.

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