What type of Exhibits is found at the Okotoks Museum?

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 at 10:01am.

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There is a diverse amount of exhibits that come to the Okotoks Museum. Some are permanent, temporary, seasonal, and there are even a variety of off-site exhibits. All the displays teach about the history of Okotoks, and how life use to be.

Stories of Okotoks - Permanent Exhibit

This display gives you a look into the backdrop and individuals who formed Okotoks in to the town that it is today. You will view a variety of photographs and artefacts, which tell about the culture in the early years.

Heritage is a focal point, and you will get an inside look at immigration, daily life, education and the economy. The Sheep River was an intricate part of the town's foundation, and you will learn why. Venture into the lives of settlers who took the chance, and made their home in Okotoks.

Destination Okotoks –Temporary Exhibit

Offered from January 16 (10 am) through April 24 (5 pm)

Many families immigrated to Okotoks during the early 1900s to find a better life. In this exhibit, you will see the trials and tribulations that they were faced with. You will be fascinated with the stories that immigrants have to tell. Perhaps, there is a parallel to todays settlers.

Fields of Dreams: Our Farming History – Temporary Exhibit

Offered from May 1 (10 am) through October 10 (5 pm)

Farming is not a glamorous job. It is one you do for love, as it is hard work. In the early days, many farmers had no choice, as it was the only job presented to them. However, most have a strong spirit that lives through stories that will amaze you.

In the Fields of Dreams exhibit, you will be presented with the history surrounding the farming industry in Okotoks. This display is only available for a limited time, but is available during the planting and harvesting crop seasons.

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