Clever Downsizing Tips to Ease the Moving Process

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, June 22nd, 2018 at 8:59am.

How to Downsize a Home Without the StressEfforts to live a more minimalist way of life have become popular amid a more consumer-conscious society. What better time to embrace personal decluttering efforts than when selling a home and downsizing for a move to a new home? Here are a few stress-busting downsizing tips to streamline the moving experience while making a commitment towards a simpler lifestyle.

Digitize Documents, Media and Photos

One typically does not realize just how many CDs, videos, pictures and documents are accumulated over the years until packing for an impending move. While keeping hard copies of vital records is necessary, many of these other space-takers can be digitized and preserved eternally. Digitizing personal documents and photographs and uploading them to a cloud-based storage or a computer's hard drive immortalizes them, making them accessible anytime, anywhere. Movies and CDs that are not copyrighted can also be transferred into digital files, eliminating the need for physical storage space in the new abode.

Consider Lifestyle Choices

Downsizing a home requires owners to contemplate the lifestyle they want to embrace after the move. Perhaps some big, bulky furniture items like sectional sofas, outdoor kitchens or formal dining tables that were once needed for entertaining and the family are not so vital anymore. Carefully evaluate personal needs and desires for the future while considering the new Rosemont home's space availability when downsizing, and keep only what will be truly used and enjoyed there.

Strategize Through Sorting and Separating

Insist on going through everything in the home room by room and sort items into piles: trash, donate, keep and sell. Create a sorting strategy and stick with it and understand that it's normal to feel hesitant to part with certain things. However, one should ask themselves just how important the item is, how often they enjoy it, and whether or not they only keep it because it was costly to buy. Once decisions are make, take action to deal with each pile right away to help resist last minute mind changes. Remember, many charitable donations are tax deductible, so get a receipt.

Take Advantage of Multipurpose Furnishings

Items that owners may want to hold onto for organizational purposes while downsizing a home include bookshelves, nightstands and ottomans with storage, and other multipurpose pieces. These are excellent for those moving into a smaller space and are seeking clever ways to avoid clutter. Transitional pieces such as convertible chairs, table and even sofas can also help one maximize home comfort while promoting minimizing efforts.

Those looking for more advice on downsizing when selling a home can receive additional pro tips from a local real estate expert.

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