How to Sell a Home When You Have Pets

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, December 14th, 2018 at 8:03am.

Selling a Home with PetsWe all love our furry friends. A little more than a third of Canadian homes have dogs, cats or both. However, people planning to sell their homes need to acknowledge that, while their pets give them companionship and comfort, they can be a hindrance when it comes time to sell a home. Sellers should take care of the following before listing to increase their chances of a quick sale at the price they want:

Take Action Early

Don't wait for buyers to reject the home. This could lead to missing the enthusiasm and excitement newly listed homes generate. Any potential problems, such as scents, carpet damage and scratched floors, should be taken care of before the house is ever listed. It can also be a good idea for a pet owner to get the opinion of someone who does not live in the home. People get used to scents easily, and may not be able to detect what is aggressive and obvious to a visitor.

Keep Pets Out of Sight

While a visitor to the home may like dogs in general, there is no guarantee that they are going to like every strange dog they meet. To avoid making a bad impression, sellers should keep their pets out of sight during showings and open houses.

In some cases, it may only be possible to keep pets at a friend's house or in a doggie daycare or boarding kennel. However, if possible, pet owners should consider long term boarding at a facility or with a friend or moving out of the home with the pet altogether during the selling process.

Keep on Top of Odors

If the pet is going to stay in the home, the pet owner should do everything possible to keep on top of odors. Litter boxes should be changed more often to keep down the odor of pet waste. Other pet odors can be handled with enzyme cleaners, which attack stains and scents more aggressively.

Whatever an Okotoks seller does, they should avoid trying to cover scents with air fresheners. Many people who have pet allergies also react to the chemicals in scented deodorizers. As a result, covering the scent can just make matters worse.

Selling a home with pets is a challenge, but it can still be done. By paying careful attention to the factors that can hamper a sale, sellers can counter them for a smooth experience.

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